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SAi Flexi Version 19 Sign & Print Full Download With Crack

SAi Flexi Version 19 FlexiSIGN Crack

SAi Flexi Version 19 | Sign & Print Software Package

This SAi flagship product offers the total solution for print, print-and-cut and direct-to-vinyl production workflow, without the need for direct-to-vinyl cutting.

It includes powerful wide-format RIP software with a full printer and cutter production feature set as well as a complete design application that simplifies sign and print creation. No matter what print applications you need to produce, FlexiSIGN & PRINT has the tools.

Vinyl Cut and Print Production

• Full-featured vinyl cutting
• Full featured print production
• All-in-one print-and-cut workflow
• ICC Media Profiler
• Drives 3 printers at once
• Supports over 1,000 vinyl cutters

SAi Flexi Version 19 | Sign & Print: Design Elements

New Features & Benefits

• Cleaver By Path
• Vector Erase Tool
• Registration Marks Relative To Media
• Crop Marks For Manual Trimming
• Select Cut Direction

Continued Features & Benefits

• Artwork Approval Tool
• Animated Cut Viewer
• Define Cut Viewer
• 3M, Avery, etc. Vinyl Color Palette Libraries
• Multiple Contour Cut
• Gradients -SpotColour, RGB, CMYK
• Smooth Shadows
• Black & White And Colour Trace Vectorisation
• Auto Serialise Number & Text Fields
• True Shape Nesting For Contour Cutting
• Grade 2 Braille
• Data Matrix
• QR Code Creator For Interactive Signage

SAi Flexi Version 19 | Sign & Print: Printing & Production Elements

New Features & Benefits

• 64 Bit RIP
• Ruler
• Print Copy Counter
• Automatically Nest
• Cut By Layers Or Colours
• Group Output By Cut Options
• Interleave Tiles For Multiple Copies
• Auto Tile & Smart Nest
• Cut Option Per Pass

Continued Features & Benefits

• Interactive Tiling
• Direct Vinyl Cutting
• Banner & Canvas Finishing Tools
• Textile Step & Repeat
• Industry-Leading Print & Cut Workflow
• Smart Hot Folders For Automated Workflow
• Full Set Of Small To Large Format Print Drivers
• HTML Job Log For Production Reporting
• Simultaneous Printing
• Powerful Visual Tiling Tool
•  Automated & Manual Media-Save Nesting

SAi Flexi Version 19 | Sign & Print: Colour Management Elements

New Features & Benefits

• PANTONE Fine -Tune Spot Colour Matching Tool

Continued Features & Benefits

• Choke & Bleed For Metallic & White Ink
• CleanColour For Pure Hue
• PANTONE And Custom Spot Colour Matching
• Easy And Fast Recalibration Of Media
• Colour Replacement Tool
• Wizard-Based ICC Media Profile Creation

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