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Mikron Bundle 05-2020 VST-AAX WiN & Mac Full Download with Crack

Mikron Compressor is an easy to use compressor that can go from very transparent to warm and powerful.

It has the same high quality sound as its big brother Big Blue Compressor. But its mode of operation has been compressed into only a few intuitive knobs. However, don’t let the looks deceive you. Despite its apparent simplicity the plugin still offers a great amount of flexibility. With shorter attack times the sound will be very clean and smooth. Longer attack times in combination with the Choke knob will let you achieve vintage tube compressor style coloration. Or you can make the sound really dirty, and use the Mix knob for some ‘New York compression’.

With a latency of only 1 millisecond Mikron Compressor is not only suited for mixing and mastering, but also for live performances.


  •       transparent and clean sound at short attack times
  •       tube style saturation to add a vintage sound
  •       wet/dry knob for New York style compression
  •       built in lookahead
  •       ‘cat’s eye’ – meter to give you immediate visual feedback
  •       intuitive, easy to use interface
  •       low cpu
  •       NKS support

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