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Opticut 5.26e Full Download With Crack

Opticut includes two applications in the same program: Cutting Boards: From the Cutting List that we enter manually or by importing a text file that contains it, the distribution of the pieces that best exploits the surface of the boards is calculated. The cutting diagrams and labels are then printed or the cutting programs for the panel saw are sent.

Profiles and battens cutting: It works in the same way. In addition, in the PRO and PRO-PP versions, it manages parts with miter cuts or with any other angle and thus enables maximum use.

Easy data entry: The Parts List to cut can be directly entered or imported into a text file from another design program or estimates. In Opticut the import format is configured to match the file structure with the List. Link to Polyboard: Although they are independent programs, there is a direct link between the two. After designing an individual piece of furniture or project on Polyboard, just press a button to pass the Parts List to Opticut and start it automatically.

Management of the edging tape: The Cutting List reflects the sides of each piece that carry tape and its reference. We have the possibility of discounting the thickness of the tapes and cutting the pieces with their net or total dimensions.

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