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TBProAudio DSEQ v1-3-2 Windows & Mac Full Download with Crack

DSEQ is a dynamic processor working in the frequency domain.DSEQ is removing digital harshness on the fly thanks to self-adjusting frequency bands.

DSEQ can be used in all mix and master situations:

  • de-essing vocals
  • taming resonances in e.g. drum, guitar, vocal recordings
  • removing digital harshness
  • balancing the mix
  • de-masking frequency regions
  • support of pink noise mixing/mastering

DSEQ works fully in the frequency domain, providing very high frequency selectivity thanks to self-adjusting dynamic equalizers. DSEQ does its job with highest transparency even pushed hard. This avoids distortion, phasing and artefacts even with very critical sound material. And DSEQ offers several quality modes taming even singular frequencies. On top DSEQ provides a very easy to use interface. With just a few parameters (threshold, selectivity and attack/release) a broad range of applications can be covered. Even the initial parameter set could make your mix more transparent. Just pick the threshold parameter and lower it step by step. From there you can start focusing on specific frequency regions by using the pre-filters.

With V1.5 DSEQ supports custom threshold which turns DSEQ into a smart multiband compressor.

On top DSEQ comes with AB-LM Lite providing perceptual loudness matching.

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